Go Big or Go Small?

Been reading a bit about marketing theories and one question keeps coming up: is it best to lead with building overall brand identity and consistency, or scrap the idea of overall identity and target specific market segments with messages custom tailored to them? In a perfect world, we’d do both, but what do we lead with? Thinking about in terms of how we conduct ourselves in daily life makes me think of it like this: we’re the same people wherever we go. Sure, we speak to our parents differently than we speak to our bosses, employees and friends, but, ideally at least, we’re the same people, delivering messages that are specific to the people with whom we’re interacting. I think it’s possible to build and maintain brand consistency (and let’s face it, we all have a brand, our personalities and tendencies are known to others, whether or not we realise it) while targeting specific markets. Having consistent integrity with whomever we interact, whether we go big for go small, is the key….I think.