Is Good Enough Good Enough?

Part of the struggle in developing anything in business, whether it’s a business plan, product, webpage or whatever, is determining when you’re done, when it’s finished. That can be a tough thing as there are compromises in everything. The problem is that, while we’re defining what “finished” looks like, days, weeks and month go rolling by., So the new question becomes: What can we live with while we’re still working on it? Eric Ries calls this the MVP, the Minimum Viable Product. But determining what an MVP looks like can be equally challenging, still leaving the question of what features will be left out, what we’re willing to live with. The issue of compromise remains, but this time it’s on steroids. It can be tough trying to figure out when something’s finished, even if it’s only finished for now. As a wise friend of mine said though, “You just do it.” So, at this point, I’m asking myself whether I should continue for another 5 pages on this idea or just stop here…….