Publicly Pondering Proactivity

Two boat captains navigating the same waters: one looks out onto the horizon and sees every wave that he’ll have to deal with in the foreseeable future, while the other focuses on the wave that’s right in front of him. That’s kind of how I see the differences between being proactive and reactive. Proactivity, done correctly at least, looks out at the landscape and envisions the challenges that lay ahead, while reactives look at what’s right in front of them. Thinking about it, the only difference between the two is when they react; the reactive captain may have a tendency to over correct, and the proactive captain may not see the subtleties that lay between the waves. Which is better or worse? Darned if I know, but the analogy is an interesting thing to ponder, for me at least. Looks like the battery on my laptop is low, gotta go!