What I Learned today??

I’m an info hound, I read about everything. If an idea comes into my head, my first thought is, “Hey, that would be fun to know!” I’m constantly learning about things. Some would say that’s a good thing, but I beg to differ. My quest for knowledge often distracts from the things that I should be doing, the things I should be learning. Instead of reading about business theory and how to increase market penetration using social media, I’m spinning my wheels on things like specific uses of lighting modifiers. Is my learning fun and useful to some degree? Sure, but I’m sure that there are more effective things that I could and should be learning. And, as much as it makes for good conversation, it slows me down as a person and as a business guy. I think that learning for the sake of learning is admirable and, well, cool. Learning the right things at the right time though is far more profitable.