Just Smile and Play…

I’ve had the privilege of playing with some really talented musicians in my days, and have had more nuggets of wisdom dropped on me by them than I can even begin to count. One that often comes to mind was from a drummer who’s worked with people like Neil Schon and Sean Combs. He always […]

What I Learned today??

I’m an info hound, I read about everything. If an idea comes into my head, my first thought is, “Hey, that would be fun to know!” I’m constantly learning about things. Some would say that’s a good thing, but I beg to differ. My quest for knowledge often distracts from the things that I should […]

Publicly Pondering Proactivity

Two boat captains navigating the same waters: one looks out onto the horizon and sees every wave that he’ll have to deal with in the foreseeable future, while the other focuses on the wave that’s right in front of him. That’s kind of how I see the differences between being proactive and reactive. Proactivity, done […]

In a Rut?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, even easier to keep trying to get out of that rut by a sustained effort of doing the exact same things that got us into the rut in the first place. It’s unrealistic to expect different outcomes if we don’t change things up. More often than not, […]

Go Big or Go Small?

Been reading a bit about marketing theories and one question keeps coming up: is it best to lead with building overall brand identity and consistency, or scrap the idea of overall identity and target specific market segments with messages custom tailored to them? In a perfect world, we’d do both, but what do we lead […]

Is Good Enough Good Enough?

Part of the struggle in developing anything in business, whether it’s a business plan, product, webpage or whatever, is determining when you’re done, when it’s finished. That can be a tough thing as there are compromises in everything. The problem is that, while we’re defining what “finished” looks like, days, weeks and month go rolling […]